At Phillips 66, we are committed to safe, efficient and reliable operations with a focus on environmental stewardship. We operate pipelines and a fuel storage terminal in Jefferson City that supplies motor fuels, propane and butane to customers in the region. We have approximately 20 employees based in Jefferson City.

We are planning to replace, and relocate sections of, an existing pipeline that delivers fuel products to consumers in Missouri and Illinois. This project will help ensure the continued safe and reliable transport of fuels. We are committed to designing, constructing, operating and maintaining the replacement pipeline in a safe and reliable manner, and to meeting or exceeding regulatory standards.

More about the project


Construction will start in May 2019 and take approximately 4-6 months.


Construction will take place during daytime hours, Monday-Saturday.


We are working with landowners and state and local officials to minimize any disruption to the community or the environment.


We will use boring or directional drilling construction methods in residential areas, under roads and water crossings which minimizes the construction impact compared to open trench construction.

Supporting the communities where our employees live and work is important to us, and we have made a number of philanthropic donations in the area to support the following:

  • Jefferson City Police Department – Emergency Operations Center (2015)
  • Cole County Fire Protection District — Tank truck roll-over simulator (2016)
  • Jefferson City Fire Department — Fire training trailer for elementary school children (2017)
  • Osage County Emergency Management – Storm warning siren system (2019)

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    Phillips 66 Pipeline Replacement Project in Jefferson City